My Monday just got brighter

The memes that I could find to describe how I can not even deal with the feelings I’m having with the new Oreo flavor are abundant.


We have official confirmation: Brownie Batter Oreos are real — and they’re spectacular.

Mark Monday, Aug. 10, down as the day the latest (and greatest?) special-edition Oreos hit supermarket shelves nationwide. We’ve been dreaming about the cookies ever since they were spotted at the Sweet and Snacks expo in May, and now they’re available to all Oreo-loving Americans for $4.49 a pack.

This morning, we received a shipment of the new cookies — to stuff in our faces immediately, of course. After a very serious tasting session, the verdict is in: they’re delicious! Despite tasting more like rich chocolate cake than actual brownie batter, the limited-edition Oreos are super chocolate-y, indulgent and basically the only thing capable of making a Monday bearable. (Read more)

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a chocolate lover. My husband is chocolate, my furniture is chocolate, and one day I’m going to get a chocolate colored labor-doodle puppy. That’s how I roll. So when I saw this, I asked Jesus to take the wheel as I did a holy dance.

My Monday just got super freaking bright! I’m planning all kinds of recipes now!


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