Tyga gifts Kylie Jenner with a Ferrari

Well, I guess that would be an appropriate gift for an 18-year-old young lady who Tyga has been claiming to be friends with.

According to Billboard.com,

Twenty-year-old Tyga gave girlfriend Kylie Jenner a white Ferrari sports car during her birthday party on Sunday outside of the West Hollywood nightclub Bootsy Bellows. People reports the present — decked out in a red bow — appears to be a Ferrari 482 Italia, a $320,000 Italian super car. 

According to photos from the event, Kylie appeared thrilled

I’m sure she was very happy.

There was a lot of drama earlier in the year surrounding Tyga, the mother of his child, Blac Chyna, and Kylie. They ended up having a Twitter war, in which their extended family members hopped in the argument as well. In the middle of the madness, Tyga went on The Breakfast Club, and said that he and Kylie were just friends, and that he was not sleeping with her.

Then Tyga takes her to France (of course, that wasn’t the first time they were in the land of lovers). And now he purchases Kylie a Ferrari.

I’m not saying that this man is wrong for buying her a pricey vehicle. I’m not saying this, now legal, young lady is wrong for accepting the gift. I’m not saying anything wrong about anyone’s parenting skills, or how that woman conducts her social like.

But what I will say is that some heads would roll if a grown man purchased my barely legal daughter a $320,000 car. Just saying.


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