3 tips on how to get a kid who hates reading engaged in reading

My son is such a lovely boy, but he hates reading as much as he hates cleaning his room. Or brussels sprouts.

His teacher noticed that he hates reading, and we both agreed to put him in summer school, so that we can work on his reading skills. He went in a sad kid, but he came out a reading champ. And it took a lot to get to that point! And by a lot, I mean I was drinking a lot after reading time.

So here is what we did to get our child, who once hated reading, into the swing of reading:

  • Start simple

no david

David Shannon is our favorite author, hands down. His books are super simple to read, and are great starter books for little readers. This one, “No David” is my child’s absolute favorite. Not only because it’s simple to read, but because…

  • You HAVE to make the voices!

Yes! Voices matter! Even the voice of Scar air cutting his own throat. And if you want a knock out reading session, you’ll do the voices. So when they’re reading, ask them how they think the character would sound.

For example, in our favorite book, “No David”, the main character’s mom is pretty pissed with him. So when my son started reading it in a boring ass voice, I’ll ask him how I would sound if I were angry with him? So we had him read the sentence to himself until he could read it smoothly (about one or two tries), and then I tell him to get in to character, and read it again. The end result was something between a lion and an overheated baptist preacher. It was too funny!

  • Make it a habit

Story time shouldn’t only be at night. Story time should be in the car, at breakfast, after school, and at night. My husband and I turned every time we had away from the house, and sometimes when he was rocking my nerves, into a story time.

So as much as my husband (a Black man who loves loud Hip Hop music blasting in our family car) loves to go rolling down the avenue with his family, and listening to music, I had to stop him. Now (when I can get my husband to agree, and that’s actually pretty often), we listen to our son read us a story.

And when he’s done, we celebrate. This is my, “That’s my baby,” dance:

But I tone it down around bae, when we’re driving in the car. I don’t wanna look too dumb in my stunner shades, trying to block all the haters in this hot, Texas sun, lol! <—I’m kidding.

Any other tips to get kids reading more? Post them below.


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