Shrimp etouffe stuffed collared greens


My 6-year-old son is a skinny little boy, and has been that way since he was born. So I’m constantly trying to find ways for him to eat his veggies, and other good food, that’s sure to put some meat on his little bones, lol!

So I tried this recipe, and he liked it a little. Its shrimp etouffe stuffed collared greens, and he liked it a lot (although it was a little spicy for him.


I started off the recipe with fresh collards. I pulled the stems off of them, and blanched them in boiling water (just enough to wilt the leaf)


I placed the leaf on my cutting board, and prepared to stuff it. I used shrimp boudin from Zummo Sausage Company for the etouffe. Before stuffing the leaves, I peeled and sauteed the boudin with a little EVOO and fresh garlic. Yum!


You spoon a little of the etouffe in the leaf, and then you roll it up. Doesn’t have to be perfect.


Then you put them in the crock pot for about an hour, and you will have one nice, tasty appetizer!


Be sure to oil the crock pot a little (and I mean very little), otherwise your leaves will be crispy. Unless you like this recipe crispy, then do you 🙂


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