Have V.S. Want: Beauty Edition


The items on the “have side” is what I currently have available in my bathroom (if you didn’t already guess). But the want section is stuff that I fell I love with from either using just a sample, or listening to someone rave about it.


I love Vaseline Lip Therapy’s Lip Balm, but my friend wouldn’t stop talking about Revlon’s Moisture Stain. She actually looked amazing in it, and now I want some.

I love the Suave Moroccan Infusion conditioner so much. But my curls simply crave anything SheaMoisture, so this shouldn’t be too bad.

Well, I’ll probably still use the Virgin Coconut Oil, but I really want a whole bottle of Sugar Crush Body Scrub to myself. My skin gets so flaky and scaly, and sometimes I want to smell like something else besides coconuts. Plus, the woman at the Sephora Counter wouldn’t stop talking about it.

Trade: Palmers Cocoa Butter for Victoria’s Secret Shea Body Oil

Victoria’s Secret had me hooked on their strawberry scented body oil, so I’m ready to trade my Palmers for something more grown and sexy.

Reviews on each to come.


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