10 signs that life is telling you that you need a damn vacation

There are times when life sucks the soul right out of you. Here are several signs that life is telling you that you need a damn vacation.

10. When you ask your co-worker to kill you.


9. When you pray for a kidnapping or a coma.


8. When going to work requires extra effort that you could only get from a shot of vodka.

7. And your boss has told you 50-11 times not to do (x), and you still keep doing it, because you’ve lost your focus.


6. So when bossman/bosslady leaves for the day, you make a fort under your desk because it takes the pain away.


5. And when you get home, ice cream for dinner is the only option.


4. You start cursing during story time with your kids for no reason at all.


3. And when you randomly start crying, because you know you need a vacation, your kid looks at you like this:



2. It takes a lot of damn effort to get in the mood, and sometimes you just have to fake it.





  1. But you haven’t acquired enough vacation days, so you just have get drunk until you wake up in a parking garage, wearing a Santa Claus suit, while lying in your own bile.





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