Why I Am Embarrassed About Trying To Excuse David Bowie’s Dark Past

I recently wrote an article about how David Bowie was this awesome, great musician that I was so proud of. Actually, I’m still pretty amazed at how he was able to influence several generations of music listeners.

That was until several commenters of the article shared with me how he was a pedophile. Being the fan girl that I was, I could’t see past my love for the guy that I he did something pretty awful at one point in his life – he slept with an underaged girl.

So yeah, I was riding his nuts.

My commenters were right in their assessment of his illegal activities. To be honest, it’s still pretty shocking to me how many people thought that sleeping with underaged girls was normal back in the 70s. Either way, I take my job seriously, so I went back and double checked my sources.

The first thing that I found was that most of my sources came from dudes with dicks who had a hand in writing music history. *facepalm*

I ended up running across an article written by someone who apparently knows more about David Bowie and the underage girl fiasco than I. According to one writer at Salon, David slept with a 15-year-old named Lori Mattix, who also slept with Jimmy Page and Mick Jagger as well. According to Mattix,

“But you need to understand that I didn’t think of myself as underage. I was a model. I was in love. That time of my life was so much fun. It was a period in which everything seemed possible. There was no AIDS and the potential consequences seemed to be light. Nobody was afraid of winding up on YouTube or TMZ. Now people are terrified. You can’t even walk out your door without being photographed. It has become a different world.”

Beyond all the tributes, shrines, and heart break of an influential rocker, he still slept with a young girl who lied about her age, and who was willing to throw him a piece of that tang. I feel bad that as a mother, and culture writer trying to uplift young women, I tried to excuse it. It’s something that I feel awful about, and I apologize for my naivete.

So let’s set the record straight – David Bowie was a scumbag.

There are no excuses for him, and I shouldn’t for a second think that there is. The other truth is that for a long ass time, I thought like many others – if you’re an artist who makes good music, but your Achilles Heel was sleeping with young chicks, that makes your crimes excusable. It’s why I was willing to overlook the R. Kelly debacle, and we won’t even get into the Tyga and Kylie Jenner issue.

It looks like I need to check myself, because I’ve been called out on my BS, and I definitely wrecked myself.


It’s a tough pill to swallow, but the man that I looked up to for years was a very fucking talented jerk, and that was hard for me to reconcile with. But I know now, and I have a lot of making up to do so that I don’t perpetuate that crazy ass train of thinking onto my impressionable child. That’s the LAST thing that I want.

But when you know better, you do better.


4 thoughts on “Why I Am Embarrassed About Trying To Excuse David Bowie’s Dark Past

  1. I loved reading this article!
    I don’t care how much someone changed or influenced pop culture or any culture, see with minors will always deem you as filthy to me. Still to this day it’s hard to ever listen to R.kelly. I knew he had a high serial gratification, but idk there were levels to this gratification(minors).


    1. Thanks for reading, and I’m seriously humbled that you enjoyed reading it. It was a very tough lesson for me to intake.

      I also have to teach my son the same train of thought – just because someone is famous doesn’t mean that they’re above the law.

      Liked by 1 person

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