On Empire & Those Feelings You Get After Losing Your Virginity

Last night was the Season 3 premiere of Empire, and of course I was glued to my television. I thought the biggest part of the story came at the end of the episode, when Hakeem took his lovely Latina honey dip’s virginity.

While they were in bed, he promised her that he would stay with her, and that he loved her, and all of those other feelings that comes along with taking someone’s virginity.

Although the episode didn’t make me as excited as the first episode of Season 1, I will be tuning in next week. Mostly because I want to see Laura will react now that she’s traded in her v-card.

Most women have all been there, where we gave away the yoni away to a dude we really, really loved, and then acted all weird, clingy, or crazy after it happened.  If it didn’t happen to you, then you’re lucky, because I know it happened to me. My ex and I were paging each other *69 non-stop, and then getting mad when we didn’t answer each other back fast enough. (I just felt old typing this sentence, by the way.)

See I know what Laura is going through, and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out. Next she’s going to be fixing Hakeem plates and whatnot. Then she’s going to be all extra selective of her underwear, while making sure that they match in case they have another quickie. Then she’s going to be asking all kinds of weird questions about sex.

For example, “Is he supposed to do this in bed?”


“Who is supposed to get the towel first? You or him?”


And let Hakeem not text Laura back fast enough. Or let his DMs looks like the nastiest Tinder exchange you’ve ever seen in your life. Laura is going to straight loose it.


I’m pretty much expecting Laura to go full fledged Latina on Hakeem, while showing Cookie that she can compete with her too. Hakeem has already proven that he has some f*ck boy tendencies.

Either way, those first time feelings are a trip, and will have you acting all kinds of crazy. But it’s part of being a woman. When we love, we go hard in the paint. We’re passionate, and we love harder than every movie in a Steven Segal series. What’s interesting is sometimes those feelings never go away when you give your yoni to the right one. Your world feels new. Like you’re really seeing things for what they are for the first time.

So much so that you can be blinded and confused by love. You end up doing crazy stuff, like paying his rent and child support. Or you have his baby because in your mind, having a child  is going to make everything okay again between you two. I’m just saying that these things have been known to happen because we are often enamored with what we think is love, when really it’s just the feelings you get after losing your virginity.

It’s the part of womanhood that I sometimes thoroughly enjoy.

How did you react after your first time? Were you clingy or cool about it?


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