Hiring A Stripper For Your Kid’s Party Is Not The Way To Hook Your Friend Up With A Job

I have an amazing friend who is always forwarding job leads and immediate hirings in the DMV area. She’s so sweet, that she’s even directly emailed me these job leads, and has given me several resume tips.

Unfortunately, my blog probably looks like a hiring manager’s worst nightmare come true, and my first grader is not ready to move from a little town to a big city yet, so I haven’t been able to act on those job leads. Yet. As soon as I can get my life together, my family and I can act on our goals of getting out of town.

Now that’s a real friend, and I will always be grateful to her for that.


So when I saw a news report of a Florida mom who hired a stripper for her 8-year-old son’s birthday party, I thought to myself, “That is not the way to hook your friend up with a job.”

According to The Grio,

In [a] video of the incident, the young boy can be seen sitting in a chair, as an adult woman in pink underwear dances in front of him. Other children can be seen and heard watching and laughing.

The video allegedly took place at a Tampa, Fla. party, and the police were notified, but authorities said they were unable to do anything because the footage does not show who was in the video, or where it took place.

I could go on forever about how this move was a ratchet hot mess, or how this is the most Florida thing that you would ever see next to a guilty neighborhood vigilante being let off the hook for murder. But I’m not, because it’s so obvious.

What I will say is that when your friend asks you for help getting a job, the last thing you should do is hire them for a birthday party where the party goers are all under the legal drinking age. Is the stripping business so bad in Florida, that strippers would actually entertain the idea of shaking it like a salt shaker in a child’s face? Even the drunk soccer moms are judging this lady, and how awful of a friend she is.


What’s killing me about this video  is how the little boy is slapping the stripper’s butt. 8-year-olds in this kid’s area must be pretty grown, because my 7-year-old son thinks that boogers, butts, and farts are funny and disgusting in a scary way. The day he walked in on my husband peeing, all hell broke loose. Not only was he scared about one day having a penis the size of his dad’s (which is weird to me, but okay), but he thought that his dad had an ugly butt. He was crying about how he never wanted to see it again.

I guess I can chalk up my son’s fear of butts, boogers, and farts to “kid logic.” But after seeing this video, it’s clear to me that all kid logic isn’t the same, especially for this kid slapping a woman’s butt.

It’s also generally awful that this kid’s folks would allow his perception of black manhood to be tainted before he hits puberty. I’m not sure why his mom thinks it’s okay for her kid to be alright with treating a woman like an object instead of a queen. What’s even more sad is that this kid can’t unlearn or unsee what’s has already happened if he doesn’t get a mentor or a role model to teach him the proper way to respect a lady.

But then again, this is Florida, and we’ve definitely seen stranger things come from this state.

Take a look at the video below.


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