#Updated | This Is How The #WatchTheStove Mixtape Came To Life

I have to admit that some of the marketing that I see from companies, especially on Twitter, is interesting to say the least. Like when Burger King and McDonalds had an actual Twitter beef. Or those silly Kia Hamster commercials that made me cringe.

But the latest marketing ploy (and yes, it is one) has me weak. Hamburger Helper actually has a mixtape. Nope, this is not an April Fool’s joke, and no this is not a drill. This is real folks. Hamburger Helper actually has some reach out in these streets, and the little gloved man is straight flexing on the mic.

And get this – the mixtape is actually fire! But the story behind it is one you won’t forget.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Taylor Madrigal (or DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip), who you will hear behind the vocals on the opening track, “Feed The Streets,” said that the music was actually a local effort with some Minneapolis rappers.

The powers that be up in the General Mills offices – the Minneapolis-based company that owns Hamburger Helper – was familiar with DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip’s work. So three months ago, they approached he and a producer named Bobby Raps to see if they wanted to work with them.

Liana Miller, the marketing communications planner for Hamburger Helper, said by  email that the team had been kicking around the idea, joking with their Twitter followers (from @helper) about making a mixtape.


…The duo received a few guidelines: The song had to be family-friendly. Nothing overtly inappropriate. No swear words. Obviously, it had to be about Hamburger Helper. Madrigal and Raps took it from there.

“Feed the Streets” came together over the course of a month. Hamburger Helper reached out to a local music school and asked students to contribute as well. College students are responsible for the tracks “Crazy,” “Food for Your Soul” and “In Love With the Glove.” Internet celebrity Niles Stewart a.k.a. Retro Spectro contributed the second track, “Hamburger Helper.”

I told you it was an awesome story! Shout out to LA Times writer Jessica Roy for tracking down the day’s hottest story.

The five track listing will have you Milly Rocking and rocking from side to side with your drink in your cup.



Take a listen to it below. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.


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