10 Feelings Every Parent Can Relate To When Granny Takes Your Kid For The Summer

Any hard working parents of a school aged child knows how hard it is to entertain them over the summer. Camps are no longer cost effective like they obviously were when I was a kid. Growing up, my mother had me in summer camps and programs every year like someone was paying her to send me away. By the time the last day of school hit, my mother had my bags packed, and an itinerary waiting for me at the door.


But my son doesn’t have that benefit. This year, I’m looking at a cost of upward $300 just to give my son two whole weeks of summer fun. Unfortunately, my husband and I are justing getting off of our feet after a hard financial fall, so naturally we’re viewing these astronomical camp fees like two confused Kanyes.


However, my mom and savior came all the way through, and told me (yes, she told me) that she was coming to pick her grandson up in a few weeks. As soon as she said it, I immediately broke out dancing. Thank ya, Lawd!


I’m not the only mom dealing with this issue. My homegirl was so happy that her friend invited her daughter out for some summer fun in the country, that she broke out some old school dances too.


A lot of my neighbors are in the same position, and they’re so happy that they don’t know what to do with themselves. That’s why these 10 thoughts and emotions are relatable to every parent who is sending their kids away for the summer, sans the high summer camp fees.

10. First you have to make sure that you weren’t hearing things when they asked you if they could take your kid off of your hands for the summer.


9. Then you stay quiet for a second, because you’re trying to remember if this is the family member with roaches or bed bugs. (By the way, why is it always the ones with dirty houses who offers to take your kids for extended periods of time?)


8. But when you realize that it’s the clean family member/friend, and you get happy.


7. Then you realize that you’ll actually have uninterrupted time alone with your boo for the first time in forever, and you get hot in the pants.


6. The next words out of your mouth? “Hurry up and get him!”


5. Why? Because you suddenly remember how your kid made you lose your mind during the school year when he kept forgetting to bring his winter coat, homework, library books, and lunch to school. Sometimes all in the same day. And it almost drove you to drinking.


4. So your family member/friend sets a date and time for when they’re going to come and get your kid, while you start planning all of the trifling stuff you’re gonna do to your bae. Once again, uninterrupted.


3. Then you start packing your kid’s bags like a maniac, even though he doesn’t leave for another week.


2. But because you have a heart, you remember that you’re going to miss your little one. He may be a mess, but he’s your mess, and you love him to the moon and back.


1. But the feeling doesn’t last very long, because you know that your kid is going to have a blast over the summer, and so are you. Halle-Luu!


Happy summer vacation, moms!