How Melania’s RNC Speech Wasted Convention-Goers Money

Fact: Every school that I have ever attended has always preached how we as students would be banished to the eternal damnation of a failed student career if we were ever caught plagiarizing. It was ingrained in my head so much, that I was honestly scared to do it. So I never tried.

In fact, it seems as though all of my friends have been taught the same thing, as well as our parents, grandparents, etc. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “[A] Genius borrows nobly.” In other words, you should always cite your sources.

So if plagiarism has always been a bad thing, especially in academia and politics, then why should we make an exception for anyone else?

Melania Trump giving her RNC speech on June 18. 

In you have no clue what I’m talking about, Melania Trump, the wife of presidential hopeful Donald Trump, gave a speech on July 18 at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland, Oh. The most noticeable thing about Melania’s speech was the fact that she was at the RNC to begin with. Melania has not been much of a talker while her husband has been on the campaign trail. This is coincidental, because her husband hasn’t given Americans any talk of substance during his campaign either.

But the second noticeable thing about Melania’s speech was the fact that it sounded familiar. Apparently, I’m not the only person in the world who noticed it, because the Internet dug up Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech, and let’s say something in the water isn’t clean. Melania’s speech sounds exactly like Michelle’s.

So far, the outrage for Melania’s show of plagiarism has been swift on Twitter, especially after she claimed that she wrote the speech herself. That’s when the side eyes rolled collectively on social media. “Gray’s Anatomy” actor Jesse Williams.

What’s sad about this is the fact that once again, Donald Trump’s character has come into question, and people are making excuses for it.

With all of this being said, I’m disappointed that no one is holding Donald and Melania Trump accountable for making a joke of the RNC. In my mind, the speech she delivered, which was clearly plagiarized, was a ballsy move. A big ballsy move.

What Melania did by reciting a plagiarized speech only proves that a rich white person can literally do anything and get away with it. They can recycle a person’s words, knowing full well that the stealing of words goes against American values that have been ingrained in us since forever, and still get hailed as a hero.


On top of that, it shows that the super rich will always have a safety net, which is why they will never have to be held to a high standard. Melania said she wrote the speech, and moved on with her life. She didn’t even try to apologize and say she was inspired by Michelle, or attempt to clear her name. In fact, Melania seems to be so unbothered by the suggestion of her character coming into question, that I’m sure she’s somewhere on a beach chilling with a pina colada.

Below is a meme that expresses Melania Trump’s level of unbothered-ness below.


What’s insulting about all of this is not the fact that Melania plagiarized a speech. It’s the fact that Republican voters are allowing Donald and Melania to play them for fools. I would like to imagine that all voters would not want to pay to attend a convention just to hear a recycled speech, especially if that speech was recycled by a president’s wife you didn’t even like.  That’s some bull crap and a waste of money.

So much for responsible spending.


Did you see Melania’s speech? What were your thoughts?