10 Tweets That Answers The Question, “WTF Is Wrong With Shad Moss?”

If you like Hip Hop music, and you’re in your mid 30’s, then you loved Shad Moss, also known as rapper Bow Wow, when you were a kid.

You probably even liked his music and movies when he grew older. But just because your body grows doesn’t mean that your mind does too.

Shad has found himself in a pickle with the 49K + Twitter followers, when he said that he could not relate to civil rights issues because he’s mixed race.



According to Vlad TV,

A Twitter exchange started out with the former kid rapper revealing his reasoning for staying away from politics, “people want me to fight the power I’m just not with all that.” Bow Wow defended why he didn’t feel a connection with the Civil Rights struggle on the right to vote. “Man I only believe what the eyes see.  I’m mixed.  I don’t know what my ancestors was doing.  I only know what I see!” Bow Wow exchanged words with many fans who said they see him as Black, and the rapper made sure to respond to a fan who asked if he ever learned about African American history through television or movies.  “Yea i seen SELMA.  Am I related to anyone? no.  I’m saying my moss side of family is NOT BLACK.  Heritage different,” he responded.

Bow Wow continued his Twitter rant by going on to say he simply can’t relate to the black power movement since his family is White and Native American. “Because my ancestors were in tribes. My moss side of the family is white and native. Sh*t I can’t help thats my family.”

Shad is probably sitting at home right now wondering what the big deal is, while he scrolls Instagram for his next conquest. Bless his heart.

Well, as African American historian and writer Carter G. Woodson so accurately noted, these things would happen to children who do not embrace their blackness.

“As another has well said, to handicap a student by teaching him that his black face is a curse and that his struggle to change his condition is hopeless is the worst sort of lynching.” 

So basically Shad Moss lynched himself. It was a public lynching, and it was sad to watch. Needless to say, Shad’s comments set Twitter on fire, and rightfully so.

If you’re still confused about the issue concerning Bow Wow using his mixed heritage as an excuse to not fight for his rights as a man with African lineage – even though he sold millions as an assumed black artist – then don’t worry. I am here to help you out, using comments I found on Twitter that discusses the issue.


He’s as serious as Ricky Rozay sitting in front of a plate of lemon pepper wings at a Wing Stop in South Florida.

Since less than 72 hours ago.

That was cold blooded, Shear Blackassery. But you raise a good point. A team of Pew researchers found that a majority multiracial adults are proud of their mixed-race background (60%) and feel their heritage has made them more open to other cultures (59%). You would think that he would at least go to a Black Lives Matter rally and talk to some folks about why they’re mad, but clearly he has not done that.

This is why it’s also a mystery that Shad would not embrace his blackness as well. Hell, he can put on a #BlackLivesMatter t-shirt, or buy DeRay McKesson a new coffee mug. Sheesh!

Good question, Satin. Perhaps, “Dummy Flakes”? “Coon Loops”? I can’t call it.

This is true, Aisha, girl. No one cares about who Kim Kardashian endorsed for POTUS. No one at all.

Yeah, I don’t understand that either. Especially since Obama, the man currently seated in the nation’s highest seat, is a mixed race man as well.

While I agree that some comments are evil, I have to disagree with you a little. Some people complaining are making very valid points, and you can see some of them in this blog post.

It’s important to take celebrities who parades around as black artists to task when the black community invests millions in them, and ask that at the minimum, they give back to the same communities who supported them. Especially Shad Moss. Coincidentally, that’s why a lot of people are still pissed with Michael Jordan.

Plus, people have been messy for as long as they’ve had mouths, and that’s why it’s important that while we correct the ideas and thoughts of these artists, we also uplift them when they are ready to join the fight. Carter G. Woodson also said,

“If you make a man feel that he is inferior, you do not have to compel him to accept an inferior status, for he will seek it himself. If you make a man think that he is justly an outcast, you do not have to order him to the back door. He will go without being told; and if there is no back door, his very nature will demand one.”

That’s trifling. And funny. But yeah, it’s mostly disappointing too.

I agree with you, Yeezy. Just because you’re mixed race doesn’t mean that you don’t get to tip toe out of these important conversations. As a man raising a daughter who appears to look like a black child, the excuse, “Sorry baby, I can’t answer why someone would ever tell you that you’re cute for a brown skinned girl, because I’m not really black,” probably won’t fly.

He needs help.

As much as I agree with you, Darling, some folks need examples of their tomfoolery. Shad Moss being one of them.