Leslie Jones’ Hack Proves That Many People Can’t Define The Word ‘Racism’

Like it or not, Leslie Jones was a victim of nonconsensual porn on Wednesday, when the Ghostbuster’s star was hacked, leaking her personal information, and her nude photos, online.

But the hackers didn’t stop there. BuzzFeed reports that they also posted a video of Harambe the gorilla – the animal who was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo back in May – at the top of Jones’ website. This caused the star to shut down her website completely.

There are a lot of things that we can call Leslie’s hack. For one, we could call it bullshit.

Or racist/sexist.

Las Vegas First Amendment attorney, Marc Randazza, thinks the hack was the result of a person who supports Brietbart news editor Milo Yiannopoulos. If you remember, Milo was kicked off of Twitter indefinitely several weeks ago, after he incited his fans to send Jones a slew of racist Tweets following his Ghostbuster’s review (that was insanely disrespectful and unnecessary).

There are many things that we can call Leslie’s hack, but what most people across the Twitterspehere seems to agree with is the fact that the hack shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

To add insult to injury, there are some people who think that Leslie got exactly what she deserved by getting her personal information leaked online. To them, a black comedienne who uses the word “white” and a variation of the word “people” in the same sentence is a woman who is a racist. Even though damn near every comedian, entertainer, meme maker, and YouTube star in the world has used the combo of words in deep reflection of admiration or  “WTF” every day.

Seriously. Here are some of my favorites.




To say that Leslie is being unfairly targeted would be an understatement. What makes this even more sad is that there are too many people justifying her breech of privacy with a racist getting exactly what she deserved. All of this proves that most people have no clue of the differences between  people who are racist, bigoted, or prejudiced.

So with these Tweets below, I’ll explain the differences between  people who are racist, bigoted, prejudiced, and stupid. Get ready to shake your head in disgust.


Oh Melissa2, the irony of your Tweet is that there’s no possible way Leslie Jones could be racist, based on the evidence you presented in the photos. In order to be racist, one must already be part of the racial group that holds power in this country. Considering the fact that black women are the most educated group of people in this country, and the lowest paid group, I’d say that she’s nowhere close to even being apart of that power structure. She can’t even breath on or near the power structure.

If Leslie Jones weren’t a comedienne, then these tweets would be a great example of someone who is prejudiced. If you’re prejudiced, then you’re pre-judging another person or group without getting to know their feelings or beliefs behind the actions. But again, Leslie is a comic, and she treats everyone like shit, like most other comics and show biz entertainers.

You’re welcome.

Jesus would probably also tell Louis CK and Seth McFarlane to stop being bigots as well.


Great example of Bigotry, Patriotic Mama. You probably think that no one should endure those kinds of mean spirited, angry ass Tweets.

Well I would agree with you if you weren’t half telling the story. If you’re going to shame the Devil with evidence, don’t half ass do it – tell the whole damn story, and make the Devil cry. Those Tweets only tell part of a story, and are essentially just a bunch of screenshots of a comedienne getting her words policed.

And if you think about it, you’ve probably felt the same way as Leslie in some of those Tweets. I’m sure you thought to yourself, “Lord have mercy…white people shit,”upon encountering a white college junior throwing a hissy fit over too much latte in her pumpkin latte at Starbucks? I know my white aunt has.

And don’t for a second think that white people have never said, “Lord have mercy…black people shit,” without being confused about the culture that they’re observing as well. Remember the wine train incident?


Just saying that every one of these Tweets aren’t bigoted, just like every culture says and does things that we may not all understand or get. That’s what tends to happen in a multicultural society.

Pope Sabur, you show me a comedian who isn’t prejudiced, and I’ll show you Melania Trump’s college degree.

Did this mother fucker just make Harambe the gorilla into a saint? You need your ass kicked.


There’s something to be said for people who want to police the words of a comedienne, when all comediennes are the original trolls of the world. They’re foul mouthed divas who says whatever the fuck they feel like, because YOLO. And we eat it up, because we secretly love that shit.

Kathy Griffin, Roseanne Barr, Ali Wong, the late Joan Rivers, Margaret Cho (my sister wife in my head), Wanda Sykes, hell, just about every woman comic out there has said some out of the way shit about white people, black people, and anyone else they didn’t like. So why should Leslie be treated any differently?

But yet she is being treated differently by the same people who are excusing the leaking of her private information. And all just to prove their misinformed, misplaced, and illogical points. Sad.



2 thoughts on “Leslie Jones’ Hack Proves That Many People Can’t Define The Word ‘Racism’

  1. Thank you for informing me the correct way to interpret peoples of colors statements, and how to think properly according to you. I predict if races/comments were reversed -comedian or not- The bionic double unsaid standard Those “white” comedians would have their careers destroyed and have to hire body guards.


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