My Son Has A #TeacherBae & He Doesn’t Give A Crap About Her Looks

My son’s second grade teacher, Mrs. De La Garza*, is freaking gorgeous.

With pretty blonde hair, a smile as wide as Texas, and a cheerleader shape, I at least thought my  son would spend some time fawning over her beauty. Even my husband and I were taken aback by her beautiful looks. But this week, I discovered that my son could care less about his teacher’s beauty. In fact, Mrs. De La Garza doesn’t play when it comes to her student’s success, and will quickly set them straight when they’re out of order, and that’s something my child values more than her looks. To say that I’m grateful to Mrs. De La Garza for teaching her kids to value what’s in her head, instead of what she’s wearing, is an understatement.

To be honest, my son has several educators in his school who look like models, and I can say with confidence that most of the students act like they don’t care. What they do care about is doing their best (at least sometimes), and that’s pretty darn impressive, if you ask me.

I thought about my son’s beautiful educators when photos of Patrice “Tricey” Brown, aka #TeacherBae, went viral online this week. Just like Mrs. De La Garza, Ms. Brown is a knock out.

According to Good Magazine, Ms. Brown is an elementary school teacher in Georgia, who has been “dubbed” as the sexiest teacher alive. Let social media tell it, and the biggest issue surrounding Ms. Brown’s viral photos is her attire – her curvaceous shape, mixed with her gorgeous smile, and envy worthy hair, could distract the students, and perhaps some parents too. Some people have even gone as far as calling her attire “unprofessional.”

As a result of Ms. Brown’s increased attention, her Instagram following has soared, and she now boasts more than 60,000 followers. Unfortunately, her form fitting attire – something she can’t control, because God gave her an amazing shape –  has sparked debates about body shaming and the sexualization of women.

To be honest, Ms. Brown could wear a Hefty bag, and still slay, just like my son’s teacher. And just like Mrs. De La Garza, Ms. Brown could probably care less about what her students think about her attire, because the only opinion that matters in that instance is the principal’s. For all we know, Ms. Brown’s principal could also be a curvaceous woman with the spirit of a dictator. I know my son’s principal is a very curvy lady who won’t hesitate to put the fear of Jesus, Mary, and Joesph in her students.




As a parent, what I know is that my son’s interaction with his own #TeacherBae hasn’t crossed any lines, because he doesn’t care about her looks. What he does care about is what he learns from her. Mrs. De La Garza taught my kid how to play dominoes for her long addition lesson, and now we have a new game to play for Family Game Night. She also taught him the value of hard work by using a system that rewards him for his dedication to his lessons, which has tremendously assisted my husband and I in our parenting duties. Simply put, Mrs. De La Garza is a beast in the classroom, and that’s all I really care about.

My son also knows better than to use the teacher’s attire as an excuse for being distracted from his studies. For one, he knows that I’ll scare the black off of him for using such a weak reason for failing in school.


My child also knows how serious his dad and I are about his education, and if a beautiful woman in a dress could distract him from taking care of his business, then we’ve clearly failed him as parents.

In the end, I’m raising a boy to be a responsible man, and part of boyhood is learning how to stay focused, so that his life journey isn’t extra hard when he becomes a man. The world is filled with beautiful people, including teachers. If he doesn’t learn how to focus on what’s important right now, then anyone and anything can take advantage of my child, and that doesn’t fly with this momma.



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