I’m #WithHer Because She Doesn’t Creep Out Little Kids

Barack Obama has been president for as long as my child has been alive, and in that time I’ve watched my son’s admiration for him grow.

As a tax paying citizen, I’ve given President Obama my fair share of criticism. Quite frankly, I think he has made a lot of critical failures during his terms in the White House that could have saved a lot of black households some headaches. But as a parent, I do not allow my strong opinions of the president to kill my son’s deep admiration for him. In fact, I’m more inclined to encourage my son to be like President Obama, than I am to bring up the failures of his administration.

If anything, it’s a great thing that my son thinks President Obama is awesome. Secretly, I’ve always wanted my son to share some qualities of one of the world’s most influential black men sitting in the nation’s highest seat. What I didn’t expect was that my child would acquire some of those qualities so early in his childhood.

The day I realized that some of my son’s immaturity on social commentary was slightly impure was the day I watched a video  with him of some middle schoolers dancing to Michael Jackson’s pop classic tune “Thriller” with the Obamas. It was so awesome.

As my son and I watched the short clip, we danced along with the First Family. In the middle of replaying the video (for the third time), my son asked me, “So are you going to vote, mom?”


To be honest, I wasn’t going to vote at all. I’m sure my ancestors would have wanted me to make informed votes, not blind, mindless votes. But try explaining that to an 8-year-old who you’re currently teaching the importance of accountability to.

I lied and said, “Yes, I plan to vote.”

In his toothy, 8-year-old innocent voice, his response was for me to vote for “Hirary Qwinton.”

I admit that I chuckled a little.

I asked him why he thought that I should vote for Hillary. He’s too young to know about the email scandals that has already tainted her image.

His response was simple. “You should vote for Hirary Qwinton because she would enjoy something like that, and kids remember that kind of stuff.”

At first, I scoffed at what he said. In my mind, my child is too young to know about Hillary’s scandals, and  how these issues could impact how she would run the country, if she has the honor of being elected.

But I had to step back and think about what he said for a bit. In all seriousness, my son’s admiration for the next president is important to me. It means that my child sees something in that person that is laudable, and hopefully it also encourages him to do his best at anything he puts his mind to.

Most importantly, I trust the Clintons to conduct themselves in a manner that makes little kids feel special. Not like they have to kiss the creepy preacher upon the encouragement of their parents.

My son was 100 percent right – the “Thriller” performance the kids did for the Obamas is something they will never forget. To be honest, kids remember every thing they do for any person of importance.

Unfortunately for Trump, seems to be having an awful time with kids on the campaign trail. Remember the “USA Freedom Kids?” Their last memory of Trump, after suing his camp for failing to pay them, was “BBHMM.”

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has not been involved in any White House science fair scandals that I know of. Does that make everything she ever did wrong okay? No. But I’ll let it go if we can stop it with all the Clinton scandals. I’m talking to you, Fox News.



So as I collect all of my feelings for both presidential candidates, and mosey down to my local voting booth, I’m going to remember the talk with my kid that made me think about one of the benefits of Hillary taking office – she won’t creep out little kids.


One thought on “I’m #WithHer Because She Doesn’t Creep Out Little Kids

  1. I loved reading this post and the example you used with your son warmed my heart. Yes, I felt like Obama’s administration sucked, I mean he did try his best dealing with the approval/disapproval of Congress, post Bush administration, and many more. But, I look up to the Obama’s and how they conducted themselves as the first black family. No scandals, no mistresses, disrespect, just a pure loving family. And a man that I’m sure a lot of women want their sons to be half of the man he’s like. By the time I was five the whole Monica Lewinsky thing happen and I before that scandal happened I knew a lot about affairs and cheating and saw that someone like her wanted more than to be around Bill and vice versa. Hillary has political experience , isn’t new to the White House, and fights for women ( some contradiction with her husband’s scandals and harassment) and can get the job done oppose to Trump who rejects everything that’s not white America or doesn’t respect women ( scandals). This for sure the saddest election ever because when I was 18 I voted for Obama and I don’t want to disrespect my ancestors but I would be doing my self a disservice by voting for either one of the candiates. Nice post!😊 Sorry for he long paragraph 😩.

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