Melania Trump Can’t Be Serious About Cyberbullying Being Her FLOTUS Agenda?

Melania Trump, wife of billionaire businessman Donald Trump – the GOP presidential frontrunner – has not said much during her husband’s run for the White House. In fact, she’s so mum, that I often forget who she is.

Perhaps it’s because Melania is a naturally quiet person. Who knows? All I know is that when she says anything, I often feel like she’s not passionate about what she’s saying. Like the press conference she gave about what her agenda will be if she has the honor of becoming First Lady.

Melania’s agenda? Cyberbullying.

I admit that my first reaction to hearing Melania make cyberbullying as her her top priority in the White House gave me pause.


Without a doubt, cyberbullying is a problem. A big problem. Children have committed suicide because of cyberbullying, and adults have also had their lives threatened because of it. But of all the people in the world to take on the issue, I never imagined it to be Melania Trump.

The reality is that even though I’m not a Trump supporter, she has a real chance at becoming FLOTUS. Aside from her husband being the king of cyberbullies, I imagined that she would take on other issues that are, say, more convincing of how she would positively spend her time as FLOTUS.

The fact that she chose cyberbullying as her top priority makes me feel like she’s not serious about being FLOTUS. I’m sorry, but I don’t buy what she’s trying to sell.

Here are several topics that would have convinced me that she’s more serious than ever about being FLOTUS.



Ivanka Trump has been campaigning hard for equal pay,  even though she’s been slammed for not paying her interns. With Melania and Ivanka being part of a billion dollar empire, I would have rather seen Melania fight to ensure that her women workers are being compensated fairly. Even if she half believes it.


As a woman who has had the privilege of becoming an American citizen, I would think that Melania would want to look into how children from her home country from Slovenia are being treated when they are adopted by American families. There has literally been horror stories of American parents who adopted children from foreign countries, and had a rough time with dealing with them following the adoption process. That’s a huge topic that deserves attention, in my book.

I would love to have seen her take on that issue. In fact, if she becomes FLOTUS, I would back her efforts.


Now this is an agenda that I could get with. According to Nerd Wallet, the average American Household is $132,158 dollars in debt. Nothing would bring the country together faster than teaching kids how to value every stinking dime they spend at a young age.


I cringed when I saw how a Flint, Michigan pastor politely corrected Donald Trump when he spoke to a church group about politics, when he was supposed to be talking about Flint’s water crisis.

Even if it was to help recover her husband’s faux pas, I would think that she would work with that same church to discuss how her administration could help the children and parents of Flint. That said, with so many water bottles being handed to families, I’d also like to think that she would take on recycling, and look into tax incentives, or cash back options, for parents.


Policemen arrive at the funeral for Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth, in Houston

Even though #BlueLivesMatter shouldn’t even be a thing (because you can choose your job, but you can’t choose your race), I would like to think that she would want to stand with the wives of slain officers to show solidarity with their unfortunate losses. Of course that agenda would be met with its share of criticism, as it should. But I still think that if she were to have chosen that topic of interest, I would have known right then that she was already selecting new curtain patterns for the White House den.


I don’t care what first lady does it, at some point in time, someone needs to address the problem. Who better to address the issue than Melania Trump? With that topic, I would have been compelled to want to get to know her more.


Trump has been actively courting LGBTQ voters, even going so far as signing the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) which would basically legalize anti-LGBTQ discrimination. According to,

Trump has pledged to sign the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), if passed by congress. It was first introduced in the House on June 17, 2015 and would effectively legalize anti-LGBTQ discrimination across the board, including among employers, businesses, landlords and healthcare providers, as long as they claim to be motivated by a firmly held religious beliefs.

Taking on this kind of social topic would have sealed the deal for Melania’s man in the Oval Office in my book, so it’s puzzling to me why she didn’t choose that agenda?

What were your thoughts when you heard that Melania Trump decided to take on cyberbullying as her First Lady agenda?



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