Losing Touch With Our Cuban Ancestors Was One Of The Worst Parts Of Castro’s Regime

Fidel Castro is burning in Hell.

If he isn’t, then there’s a country full of Cubans who are giving him one hell of a send off following the dictator’s death. Celebration photos of Cubans Americans and exiles are all over the media, and it’s hard to miss. If you take out the Cuban flags from the photo, you’d swear that it was a World Series celebration.


I have not come across the number of people participating in the festivities, but according to the Miami Herald, Cuban Americans and exiles poured onto Calle Ocho – or 8th Street – in droves, while banging pots, singing, crying, and thanking each other.

Passing cars honked incessantly. People waved huge Cuban flags. Parents carried their children and puppies. A few people appeared clad in pajamas and, in one case, flamingo slippers, jolted out of bed — and out of their homes — by the late-night news.

There was so much celebrating, that you could have sworn that Miami was given a hand salute directly from God. Even President Trump was a little happy that Fidel kicked the bucket. He wrote in a very brief statement,
“Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights…
“…Though the tragedies, deaths and pain caused by Fidel Castro cannot be erased, our administration will do all it can to ensure the Cuban people can finally begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty.”
Seeing all of these people celebrating something that appears so monumentally important makes me feel happy for them. I’m tired of people being sad in the world, because sadness sucks.
But for me, this moment is bittersweet. Last week, my husband found out that he has family members from Cuba on his maternal side. This hurts.
Since I’ve known him, my husband has always felt spiritually compelled to know who his ancestors were. He doesn’t just want to know what countries they come from, he wants to know their names, visit their graves, see their photos, feel their spirits, and carry their wisdom.
After we were married, I began to have a better understanding of why my husband  felt that way. Knowing who your ancestors are compels you to make them proud. As Booker T. Washington once said, one of the disadvantages of being black is the fact that most of us will never know who our ancestors are. Millions of people of African descent, including Cubans, have already died never having a clue of their family lineage.
Booker T. said,

The very fact that the white boy is conscious [of who his ancestors are] that, if he fails in life, he will disgrace the whole family record, extending back through many generations, is of tremendous value in helping him to resist temptations. The fact that the individual has behind and surrounding him proud family history and connection serves as a stimulus to help him to overcome obstacles when striving for success.

Knowing how my husband feels about wanting to know who his folks are, and then seeing Cubans celebrate what they have come to embrace as an act of independence, makes me feel kind of sad for him. He will never be able to fully understand the reason for their joy. He will never meet any of his Cuban family members without the right amount of cash (and no, we don’t have any of that). According to one of his uncles, Fidel Castro was the reason why his Cuban family members immigrated to the U.S., and knowing this also makes me want to run to Cuba with my husband to do some family ancestry scouting.

There’s so much to process now that we know that my husband is a little Cuban. I have every single last one of the feels, and I don’t know whether I should laugh, cry, or get drunk(er).


I pray that my husband’s extended family members in Cuba are doing well, but I’m hoping that maybe one of them is actually married to Satan. That way I won’t feel so bad about not meeting that one bad apple.


2 thoughts on “Losing Touch With Our Cuban Ancestors Was One Of The Worst Parts Of Castro’s Regime

  1. I enjoyed reading this Joy! I live in Miami Florida and when I was younger I lived in little Haiti and would sometimes visit little Havana with my parents. Cuban people are just like Haitian people when it comes to their culture. They take pride in it, flaunt it, and love the good and bad about their culture. And may I say their food is Amazing 😊😩. I was born in the 90s and never fully understood the whole Fidel thing until I got older and some of my Cuban friends explained it to me. I rather them explain it to me then I read it in books because their testimonies and their parents testimonies help me understood who this cold bloodied monster was. I know what he did for us blacks and I’m not taking that away but yo oppress your own people and have people want to leave their beautiful home land and leave and through that voyage they either die at sea, get deported, and have to see there own family suffer through your reign. I’m glad he dead!

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