Having A “Fabulous White Girl” As A Lead Character In A Show Will Not Heal The Country, Lee Daniels

While in a check out line a grocery store, I once heard an elderly woman complain about how slow her bagger was moving. “Boy, hurry your ass,” she yelled at him. “I still gotta cook my greens before the ‘Empire’ comes on!”


Yes, the woman was pressed for time, because she didn’t want to miss a moment of the hit Fox network drama. While watching the interaction, I felt a sense of pride for Lee Daniels, the show’s creator. He’s very lucky to have older women feel compelled enough to stop what they were doing, or cut their Bible study session short, just to support his show. That’s pretty fantastic, if you ask me.


Now that Daniels is premiering another show, Star, which hits airwaves on Dec. 14, I have to admit that I’m not that excited about watching it anymore. Perhaps I should be thrilled about it, as it follows in the written and creative footsteps of Dreamgirls, Sparkle, and maybe Troop Beverly Hills – shows that I absolutely love watching over and over.


Okay, maybe not Troop Beverly Hills.

Either way, what’s making me take a step back from watching is how Daniel’s has plugged the show’s protagonist (played by Jude Demorest) as another white savior.

During his appearance on The Real, Lee Daniels had the opportunity to discuss the new network drama, and he said that the show was told from the perspective of the protagonist, because “the country needed to heal.” Jezebel reported,

 I thought that instinctively, the country needed to heal. And I think that this white girl is so fabulous that black people will embrace her, and white people will embrace her.”

In other words, he wanted a white savior, so he created one. Or at least that’s what I gathered from his words.



I’m not going to spend my time shitting on Lee Daniels, because the fact remains that he’s built a hell of a legacy for himself. If anything, I’m very proud to see a black man winning. I just wish that he would have never said that he created a white character to heal the country.

We have enough white characters on Capitol Hill not doing a damn thing, yet supposedly healing the country. Do we really need another one, but this time on television?

On top of that, I’d imagine that Jude worked her tail off to land a gig on network television. To make her the white cape saving hero of a show that’s supposed to bring audiences together with great music and savage plot twists – especially when it’s been advertised that way – makes her look a little foolish to me.

I hope to God that I have it wrong about Lee Daniel’s new show. I want a new show to enjoy with my family and friends. What I don’t want is for any show that has a black person at the helm to tank before it begins. In my opinion, based on Daniel’s thoughtless irresponsible comments, it’s already tanking.

Will you be watching Star next week?




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