Why Is Someone Charging Money For A Workshop On Being A Better White Person?

I’ve always thought the Three Stooges were hilarious.


If you’re unaware, Larry, Curly and Moe’s squad were into beating the cowboy shit out of each other to the delight of black & white television watching audiences. To be honest, I don’t know what the fuck they did for a living, because I was too busy laughing at how dumb they looked while kicking each other’s asses.

Figuratively speaking, I think that the comedy stylings of the Three Stooges has evolved, and made it’s way into social media. The difference is that no one knows each other, yet they use 140 characters of shade instead of physical abuse. It’s especially silly when people on Twitter engage in politics with the intent of being shady, but end up looking foolish.



The unfortunate, and often frustrating, thing about the 140-character comedy stylings of the Three Stooges is the fact that it also involves people getting ripped off.

For example, I found a workshop called “Healing Whiteness: Mapping The Journey” on Eventbrite. The workshop is for white people who are “on various places on their journey in the realm of racial justice,” according to their Eventbrite page.

This includes white people who:

  • struggle with the shame and guilt that often plague white people as we try to understand how to be good in the context of being a white person in a racist society,
  • find yourself immobilized when something racist happens, you can’t figure out what to do or say,
  • struggle because the ways that you’ve been told you need to show up for racial justice don’t fit you and so you’re concerned that you can’t join with the cause of ending racism without being someone else, 
  • have gained confidence and clarity through the years that you’ve been showing up for racial justice, and would love to get more skills to stay grounded in challenging situations, to engage with people across the spectrum of awareness of racial justice with compassion.

So basically, for the price of $225 dollars, you can get some lady to tell you how to be a better white person.


I can’t tell anyone what to do with their cash, so if you want to pay some lady for a “self-improvement” class, then be my guest. But with the way this Eventbrite page is set up, it makes me feel like she’s using race to profit off of other white people. How’s that for abuse?

Then the event creator goes on to make it seem like she’s giving her worksop attendees an invaluable service, when she’s really ripping them off.

The campaign is starting go viral, and we already know what’s going to happen next:

  1. After so much abuse, the event creator will try to explain herself.
  2. Her explanation won’t fly (#ItNeverDidMatter)
  3. If the event creator is a white woman with fragile feelings, she’ll cry about her abuse harder than Anthony Weiner leaving a whore house.
  4. She’ll cancel the event.
  5. Even attendees will speak out.
  6. The world will go back to not caring.

There’s no order to how any of my predictions will happen, I just sense that things will go this way as a social media watcher. To me, it’s a shame.

No one should have to teach you how to have compassion and love for humanity.  Volunteer in your neighborhoods, and talk with people who are different than you. Ask children questions (children will give it to you straight), worship with them, break bread with them. As you speak with them, take a good look at yourself and how you’re shaping the world.

If you’re  a piece of shit who isn’t interested in making the world better, then do the world a favor, and go screw yourselves.

But if you’re not on the piece of shit spectrum, then put your money toward a school or charity who could really use the donation. I’m sure you’d rather connect with the smiling face of someone you saved – both spiritually and physically – than anyone else’s.



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